THUASNE was founded in 1847 in the town of Saint-Etienne, France. In its 160 year existence it has become an authority in the field of elastic textiles. In the past 60 years, the company has specialized in the production of highly technological elastic compressive products for the needs of the medical and sport sectors.

Research and Development

THUASNE’s experts work in close collaboration with leading physicians and scientists of various specialized research centers and university clinics to create products, which best meet patients’ needs. THUASNE’s research has been acknowledged as a reference by ANVAR – the French agency for research and development. The fabrics and product designs have been patented and registered as THUASNE’s trademarks.

Areas of continuous improvement

Product construction, design, and aesthetics

In recent years, THUASNE has been increasingly investing in the design of its products. Incorporating designers and stylists along with health and technical specialists, the company has succeeded in creating patient-friendly, ergonomic, and aesthetic products. The goal is not only to create a product that meets the desired medical effect in terms of patient condition, morphology and level of physical activity, but also to make that product pleasing to wear.


Every fabric, used in the production of THUASNE’s products, is antiallergenic and does not harm the human body or the environment. The technical specifications and the fabric materials comply with the Oko-Tex 100 standard. To ensure optimal comfort, THUASNE developed and patented highly technological fabrics – Combitex®, PoroMax 3D® and Neoplus®. These fabrics ensure fast and easy evaporation of moisture, allowing proper regulation of body temperature and keeping the skin dry.


THUASNE’s products are certified and their quality guaranteed by the Institut Textile de France and the Hohenstein Institute in Germany. The products comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 version 2000 in France, Germany, and Holland. THUASNE is also certified by the DIN ISO 13485 standard, which directly regards medical products.

Market Share

THUASNE is a leader on the European market in the production of elastic compressive products for the needs of the medical and sport sectors.

The company has subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Israel, and USA.

The company has distributors in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Portugal, Australia, and countries in Africa, Asia, and the Near East.