Ligament thumb support brace
  • The neoprene sheath Neoplus® provides uniform joint support and optimizes muscle performance
  • Adjustable, flexible Velcro straps support the lateral ligaments and limit extension of the thumb
  • Anatomically-fitted
  • Thin, perforated neoprene Neoplus®

Additional Information

All terrain motorcycling, volleyball or gymnastics – you are certainly putting your hands to the test. The Thuasne Sport thumb strap will allow you to resume training and competitive sport under optimal conditions. The anatomical sheath adapts to the contours of your hand without creasing. Made from perforated neoprene, it will support your muscles and allow perspiration to drain away. The crossover flexible strap will strengthen the joint and limit extreme extension of the thumb.

Prevention of ligament injuries (sprains), resumption of activity/exercise after sprain, fragile thumb ligaments.

Fitting instructions:
- Lace the glove and completely cover the hollow of the thumb.
- Close the fastening hook at the wrist.
- Close the flexible strap on the back of the hand.
- Crossover and tighten the strap to cover the thumb and hold it in position.
- Attach the end of the strap to the auto-gripping devices.