Ligament ankle brace
  • The neoprene sheath Neoplus® provides uniform joint support and optimizes muscle performance
  • The adjustable, flexible Velcro straps support the lateral ligaments and prevent excessive rotation of the ankle
  • The lateral rods ensure that the device conforms ideally to the patient’s anatomy
  • Thin, perforated neoprene Neoplus®

Additional Information

Prevention of ligament injuries (sprains), resumption of activity/exercise after sprain, fragile ankle ligaments.

Fitting instructions:
- Lace the ankle brace, with the opening on the ankle and place the foot flat on the floor.
- Close the ankle brace by means of the fastening hook.
- Close and tighten the outer strap on the foot, covering the ankle.
- Close and tighten the inner strap symmetrically.