Neoprene shoulder padding
  • Supports the shoulder
  • Anatomically-shaped cut for complete freedom of movement
  • Flat seams to prevent irritation
  • Support strap with an adjustable fastening
  • Single model for left and right shoulder
  • Thermal neoprene Neoprene

Additional Information

Football, athletics, basketball, etc…play sport and protect your joints at the same time. This shoulder padding made of flexible, stretchy neoprene supports the joint totally, at the same time providing a thermal effect. Its anatomically-shaped cut gives you complete freedom of movement. Choose the Thuasne Sport shoulder padding and protect your joints.

• Prevention of joint injuries.
• Resumption of activities following the effects of injury.
• Weakness of the shoulder joints.

Fitting instructions:
- Unfasten the Velcro strap.
- Pass the strap through the buckle on the back and attach to the Velcro.
- Put the arm through the shoulder padding.
- Pass the strap under the opposite armpit and pass it through the buckle on the front of the shoulder padding.
- Adjust and fasten to the Velcro.